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More Confirmation from Benedict Cumberbatch himself!
smallbutevil wrote in asexy_sherlock
Whilst at the lovely community The Baker Street Supper Club (as found through the lovely firiel44 ), I read the transcript of a live chat that was used to interview Benedict Cumberbatch. A short way down the transcript, I came across this:

Do you find there are any similarities between you and Sherlock's character?

Benedict Cumberbatch: I can be quite fast talking. (My steonographer here agrees!! ) I can be tempermental and impatient with mediocrity. I can be work obsessed but I'm not asexual and I'm not the worlds' number one consulting detective, I just look a bit like him<

Another confirmation from the actor, methinks!

Thanks again to the BSSC for the transcript.

The full chat can be seen here (in chatbox form);
and the full transcript can be read here.

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I watched that chat (I hope next week's is better moderated!) and that answer made my day.

Does this mean it's officially canon now? XD

Yes! Super super yes! (as if I have the authority to confirm this XD) I certainly hope so, though. ;)

Hehh, I don't think that the actor's opinions count as canon :D For me, the fun of fandom is working with what's in the text and being free of authorial or producer control. That said, it's good to see this stuff coming up in discussion, as it suggests that the series will remain open to ace (and other) interpretations.

Hehe, I know opinions vary; it was a comment in semi-jest. I think it may count as 'Word of God' in fandom terms; there was also something on the commentary of ASIP that I didn't hear properly the first time round but am going back to have a listen.

I don't suppose they'll ever explicitly state in the script one way or the other though; they're having far too much fun with the 'are they/aren't they?' gags to do that.

Oops, sorry I see now that my comment came over a bit seriously. But anyway it's fun to know we're not the only ones who like to tell Sherlock-flavoured stories about asexual topics :)

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I really like that he is explicit about this particular fact.
As if I needed a reason to adore him more. ;)

I also love the way it's casually tossed out- as if he was playing a gay actor and was all 'yeah, I'm not gay, but ___" XD

*character, not actor! SIlly me.


And you're absolutely right. Couldn't wish for a better person to bring more awareness to asexuality.

This makes me love him more.

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Go right ahead, I did not make it though.

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Re: yay for being icontwins!

Oh man, I should make a bunch of ace Sherlock icons!

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I'm so happy he keeps emphasizing that his interpretation of Sherlock Holmes is asexual.

I've read discussion on how there 'should' be a blatantly obvious gay relationship between Sherlock and John, that they 'should' have a snogging scene or several. But Benedict Cumberbatch's comments give me hope that neither he or anyone else associated with the series have any intention of bowing to fandom pressure.

(no offence to slash fans intended; as an asexual, I am merely pleased to finally see asexuality represented in a tv series.)

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Oh I love the balance that has been struck in the series. Ambiguous enough to please slash fans and folks who don't care for it.

So yeah, slash and asexual Sherlock can and does co-exist. It's easy enough to interpret Sherlock as homoromantic for the purposes of fic writing, though most fangirls in any fandom, will write slash regardless of any 'inconvenient' canon pairings or lack of them.

Though personally, I still see Sherlock as asexual in the scenes that people with sex drives interpret as slashy. Especially as Sherlock doesn't bother to correct anyone when they assume he and John are in a gay relationship. He's asexual. It's irrelevant. So let the people with sex drives worry about issues of sexuality, he just doesn't care. :)

This, this, this. There is so much about intimacy that is not just sexual and I could easily see them in a sort of gray area of intimacy without having to compromise on Sherlock's asexuality, or their deep and abiding emotional attachment to each other.

They are a most epic bromance. <3

I've read discussion on how there 'should' be a blatantly obvious gay relationship between Sherlock and John, that they 'should' have a snogging scene or several.

Regardless of my personal slashy feelings about Sherlock and John, I strongly believe that Sherlock as Benedict Cumberbatch plays him is an ace, and I'd be really weirded out if the show actually went there. I'm glad Moffat seems on board with that.

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Sherlock/Nicotine Patches?

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(Sorry to be so pedestrian, but they are so elegant together!)

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Gosh, I have to miss all the fun. DAMN WORK. *shakes fist*

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