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The Extremely Important Acquisition of Hugs, Asexual!Sherlock and pre Sherlock/John
smallbutevil wrote in asexy_sherlock
The Extremely Important Acquisition of Hugs by smallbutevil 
Rating: G
Pairings: asexual!Sherlock , pre Sherlock/John or gen
Word Count: 1,331
Warnings (highlight): None
Disclaimer: Written by me, though of course the BBC!Sherlock and everything besides belong to Gatffat.
Summary: Sherlock finds that, for whatever reason, he really likes hugs and craves them intensely. But he can't let people know that - it just wouldn't do.
So, with his genius brain at his disposal, he commences to try getting stealth hugs off of everyone.

I could go without sleep for days. Operate and experiment in my flat at 3AM on a winter's morning with broken heating, shirtsleeves rolled up. I could suppress my homeostatic urges like shivering, needing to drink and the need to eat easily.
Sex wasn't even part of the equation, either. It's so much easier to operate unfettered when you're asexual. And of course, the nicotine I receive though my patches helps with appetite repression too.

After all, I am but a great mind. All of the rest is just transport.
Or at least, I would be, if not for one particularly damning urge…

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