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Benedict Cumberbatch: "Holmes is Asexual"
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foxestacado wrote in asexy_sherlock
Mr. Cumberbatch had this to say about his surprise that Sherlock has made him a sex symbol. 

The 'Sherlock' actor admitted he finds it bizarre that he has suddenly become the focus of female attention since taking on the role of the fictional detective in the BBC One drama.

He said: "What's so funny is that Holmes is asexual. So when you think that he's an asexual sociopath who's pretty dismissive of relationships, it's extraordinary to become a sex symbol playing him. It must be that treat-then-mean, keep-them-keen thing."


I thought he previously said that he didn't think Sherlock was asexual? In any case, I very much like this announcement! 

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I seem to recall him saying something like, Sherlock was asexual, and he'd been burned by a woman in the past Which seems a touch contradictory, though not completely impossible.

I think it's possible that he was always asexual, but did attempt a relationship in the past with said woman which burned him from ever trying again.

Oh really?! I haven't heard that! Or maybe I just heard the latter part (that he'd been burned by a woman) because that sounds vaguely familiar.

Yeah, maybe, but actors are not always so overly aware of every facet of the character they're playing. Benedict Cumberbatch might have been corrected between saying he wasn't asexual and this one. Maybe one of the writers politely informed him Sherlock Holmes was asexual.

The thing is for me that Holmes was always described in such a way that seems asexual to contemporary readers, but of course, at the time, the character (or Conan Doyle) could not have identified his sexuality to be that. For Benedict to come out and say outright/ identify that Sherlock is asexual is a big development towards some kind of on-screen validation of something that many Sherlockians have held to be canon for a long time.

Now, I don't really know this, but has there ever been an explicitly "asexual" Sherlock Holmes in the past? As in, the actor plays Sherlock Holmes as an asexual, and not just "he has no interest in relationships right now." I know Robert Downey Jr. explicitly acknowledged that his interpretation of Sherlock Holmes is "not asexual" but along the lines of someone who "gave up relationships."

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Well, we'll never really know because the only person who would be able to tell us is dead. But, the books always made it seem like he just had absolutely no interest, which is asexuality. I have absolutely no interest in sex, and little tolerance for dating and relationships.

To me, RJD is my least favorite Holmes. He is very much not playing him as asexual. In fact, the way he played Holmes was more akin to a sexual person in self-inflicted celibacy. It seems the most untrue portrayal to me, but then again we're all seeing these characters through our own personal filters. Nobody is going to interpret them exactly the same.

I think Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes is pretty much asexual. Whenever I watch the Brett version of Scandal in Bohemia, I am amazed at how nuanced his relationship with Irene Adler is dealt with. He's certainly in awe of her and maybe even a bit smitten, but his admiration is on an intellectual level, not in any kind of physical way.

Or for the same reason, he may have discovered it himself since the last statement, maybe because it got him considering that aspect more.
Since there is going to be a new series, it seems unlikely that he has finished exploring the character.

Just a thought :-)

May have just made my life... :P

Seeing this quote makes me really hopeful for Season 2, and for them not messing up the Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes relationship (ie making her a love interest). I think that's the one thing I really couldn't take on Sherlock. *hopeful fan is hopeful*

Ooooh yes, that's a ray of hope right there!
*is happy*

This makes me very happy.

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